The Mayor Arrives at the High Court

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The Mayor Arrives at the High Court
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Image ID: G5YY6H
The Mayor of London Ken Livingstone arrives at the High Court in central London in the battle against the government's proposed 'Public-Private Partnership' (PPP) for the London Underground. *25/07/02 The Mayor of London Ken Livingstone. Ken Livingstone was today, Thursday 25th July 2002, signing his latest agreement to strengthen ties with foreign cities. The London Mayor is set to sign a friendship agreement with Sheila Dikshit, the Chief Minister of Delhi, aimed at strengthening existing cultural bonds.It is in recognition of the 393,000 Indians who make up a sixth of the capital's population and head 13,000 businesses there. 20/09/02 : A 7 million three-year plan to reshape and revive London's tourist industry was announced. The bulk of the money, which is being made available from extra public funding, must be spent on marketing, said London Mayor Ken Livingstone who is seeking further financial support from the industry. Accountancy firm KPMG will act as advisers in establishing a new company by April 2003 to promote London as a tourist destination.
Location: London UK