The Jenners Dept store Xmas Tree Edinburgh Scotland

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Image ID: CET1AY
The Jenners Dept store Xmas Tree Edinburgh Scotland Jenners Department Store, now known simply as Jenners, is a department store located in Edinburgh, Scotland, and was the oldest independent department store in Scotland until its acquisition by House of Fraser in 2005. Jenners has maintained its position on Edinburgh's Princes Street since 1838 when it was founded by Charles Jenner and Charles Kennington and known as "Kennington & Jenner". The store was run for many years by the Douglas-Miller family, who were descendants of James Kennedy, who took charge of Jenners in 1881. The original buildings that formed the department store were destroyed by fire in 1892, and in 1893 the Scottish architect William Hamilton Beattie was appointed to design the new store which subsequently opened in 1895. This new building is designated as a category A listed building, and it is noted by the statutory listing that, at Charles Jenner's insistence, the building's caryatids were intended 'to show symbolically that women are the support of the house'. The new store included many technical innovations such as electric lighting and hydraulic lifts
Location: Jenners, 48 Princes St, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK EH2 2YJ