The derelict William Halley & Sons Ltd Jute Mill was built in 1836 and is now a Listed Building in Dundee,UK

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The company was founded by William Halley, a flax manufacturer who became part owner of Wallace Craigie Works spinning mill, which was built in 1836. The shortage of cotton during the American Civil War resulted in a huge boom in the jute industry and by 1865 Wallace Craigie Works had doubled in size. William Halley's sons became partners in the firm at this time, and the firm became William Halley & Sons. In 1874 William Halley died, his elder son retired, and George Halley became sole proprietor. William Halley and Sons Ltd still continues as a family firm based at Wallace Craigie Works.The mill saw its peak during the American Civil War in the 1860′s when a shortage of cotton lead to a boom in the jute industry. Jute has been grown in the Indian subcontinent for centuries. Jute fibre was sampled to the United Kingdom by the East India Trading Company strictly for experimentation related to mechanical processing in the early 1800′s. The breakthrough came in 1833, when jute fibre was spun mechanically in Dundee. This was the harbinger of the world jute era. A jute industry soon expanded all over Western Europe with Dundee as its main centre and at its height had around 60 jute mills and more than 50,000 workers, many of whom were Irish woman immigrants.Known as ‘The Jute Barons’ they generally traded in finished products made from jute. Their industry started to fall into decline when the Jute Barons began investing money in setting up jute mills in the Indian sub-continent, making the products cheaper by utilizing cheap labour in India. With the ultimate decline in the Scottish textile industry the William Halley firm was relocated leaving the old mill empty after almost 168 years of production. The mill has sat abandoned and falling into decay since its closure until April 2012 for a proposed £18 million regeneration of the site. Plans to transform the former mill, creating 174 new homes,safeguarding a future for the historic building as one of Dundee’s landmarks
Location: Dundee,Angus,Tayside,Scotland,United Kingdom