The "Cosmos" exhibition. Lunokhod

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The "Cosmos" exhibition. Lunokhod Stock Photo
The "Cosmos" exhibition. Lunokhod
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Image ID: BJM6MR
The Sergiy Korolyov Astronautics Museum in Zhytomyr. Cosmos exposition impresses visitors with its unusual for technical museums eye-catching presentation, special sacrament and elevating feeling. The unique collection of space equipment and munitions, among which there are many original and those that traveled back from space, is placed next to marvelous photo collages depicting widely known art masterpieces on a star sky background. A unique decoration merged with elements of modern design, music, lighting in cooperation with unusual concept approach combining technical and humanitarian aspects, binding into robust complex structure natural science, philosophy and arts - all of that creates uncommon mysterious environment where Eternal and Infinite meet, become reachable and let one get closer and have a contemplating look into their alluring depths.
Location: Ukraine, Zhytomyr City, The Sergiy Korolyov Astronautics Museum

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