The balls of knitting yarn that will form the colours to be used in a temperature blanket that will be knitted during 2017.

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Colin Wareing / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: HH6B26
A row of balls of yarn laid out across a table with a circular needle with knitting on it stuck into the yarn. The balls of yarn are made from acrylic material and the yarn will be used to knit a temperature blanket through 2017. The lady who is project this is has already made a start on the first few rows that are on the circular needle in the picture. The way the project works is that knitter has selected a colour palette of yarns that will represent a daily temperature throughout the year. The knitter will record the outdoor temperature where ever she is at approximately 09.00 hrs. Then a colour represents a temperature in the following range. The knitter will then knit a row a day in the appropriate colour for the day to create a blanket over the year. Red 32 degrees centigrade and above Top Value Shade 8426 Orange 26 -31 degrees C Top Value Shade 8411 Dusky Pink 20 – 25 degrees C Top Value Shade 8477 Light Pink 13 – 19 degrees C Top Value Shade 848 Light Blue 7 – 12 degrees C Top Value Shade 8418 Air force Blue 1- 6 degrees C Top Value Shade 8419 Everton Blue -5 – 0 degrees C Top Value Shade 8417 Purple - 6 degrees c and below Top Value Shade 8432 These names are our interpretation of the shades. The work is being knitted on a 4mm circular needle and has approximately 270 stitches on the needle using a garter stitch. Cw 1986
Location: Burscough Lancashire. England.