Ten years after Chernobyl disaster.

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ITAR-TASS News Agency / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: BPBG46
Ten years after Chernobyl disaster. Ukraine. Ten years passed after one of the world's continent. One of the worst stricken zones in the Kiev Region where the disaster caused serious ecological, biological, medical and other problems still insolved. The perimeter of the barbed wire entangled zone in 169 km long. The zone's population was evacuated soon after the disaster. But not all of them rooted on new lands. Nearly one thousand people, mostly elders, returned to their homes having overcome restrictions and militia block-posts despite the authorities' insistant attempts to force the folks out, they refused to leave saying they wanted to die in their homesteads. Finally, they were left alone. Militia often helps the homecomers to call an ambulance or their urgent services, and protects them from looters who still penetrate into the zone ten years after the disaster. Local authorities organized delivery of food products andconsumer goods from the mainland. The picture shows homecomers in the village of Opachichi.

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