Tarleton, Lancashire, UK. 4th January, 2016. Local farmers Back at Work picking cabbage trying to salvage crop from flooded fields. Essentially there are four different types, identified by the time of year when they are harvested: spring, summer, autumn and winter (savoys). This area is well served by migrant labour in the spring and summer months, but at this time of year with limited varieties of crops it is usually the farmers themselves that pick harvested cabbages to fulfil supermarket orders.

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Image ID: FARK9W
Winter cabbages form an important part of the winter supply of fresh greens. They are hardy enough to take most of what the winter weather may throw at them. The Savoy cabbages are considered to be the hardiest of all of the winter cabbages and they are a good choice for growing on poor soils. Like most of the other winter vegetables the winter cabbages require a long growing season and have to be sown in the late spring and early summer.
Location: Tarleton, Lancashire, UK. 4th January, 2016.