Sun rising over moored motor-cruiser towards silhouettes Dubai Marina Towers, Al Sufouh Road, Dubai International Marina, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

- Image ID: J6DJ46
robert harrison / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: J6DJ46
Sunrise silhouette view of Dubai Marina Towers from Al Sufouh Road at the west end of Dubai International Marina. Tower top cranes indicate some of the towers are not complete. The towers are mainly residential. They include the 107 floors Princess Tower, 414 metres (1356 feet) high; the 77 floors Marina Pinnacle, 280 metres (853 feet) high; the Elite Residences Tower; the 57 storeys Marina Crown Tower; the Ocean Heights Tower; the 88 floors, 392 metres (1289 feet) 23 Marina Tower; the Tamani Marina Tower far left; the 63 floors, 296 metres (971 feet) high Emirates Crown Tower and the 59 floors, 256 metres (840 feet) high Dubai Marriott Hotel and Suites right of shot. The sun is rising above the silhouette of a luxury motor-cruiser moored in the foreground of the view.