Strabo, Ancient Greek Historian

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Strabo (64 or 63 BC - 24 AD) was a Greek geographer, philosopher and historian. He, like most scholars of his time, traveled extensively in pursuit of knowledge. He journeyed to Egypt and Kush, as far west as coastal Tuscany and as far south as Ethiopia in addition to his travels in Asia Minor and time spent in Rome. He visited the island of Gyaros in the Aegean Sea. and sailed up the Nile until reaching Philae, after which point there is little record of his proceedings until AD 17. He is most famous for his 17 volume work Geographica, which presented a descriptive history of people and places from different regions of the world known to his era. Geographica provides a valuable source of information on the ancient world, especially when this information is corroborated by other sources. It is not known precisely when it was written, though comments within the work itself place the finished version within the reign of Emperor Tiberius. He died in 24 AD at the age of 60 or 61.