stars over the ocean

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stars over the ocean
Frank Rothe / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: AX6M1P
water; dreamily; dreams away; star; alone; lone; lonely; lonesome; lonesomely; solitarily; solitary; night; to go away; to go to; to make a journey; wideness; width; size; horizon; asia; Ko Samui; star sky; ocean; sea; shore; coast; voyage; journey; travel; trip; loneliness; aloneness; palm; leisure time; vacation time; recreation; free time; dream; romanticism; thailand; starlit; starry; at night; by night; black; blackly; ebony; noir, travels; voyages; dream journey; seaside; strand; sightseeing; sight; desertion; quitting; tourism; deserted, indefinitely; infinite; infinitely; nonfinite; nonterminating; unendingly, sandy beach; romanesque; romantic; romantically; holidays; holiday; vacation
Location: Koh Samui, Thailand