Sky-scraper along flyovers - areal view from Business Bay, Dubai

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Sky-scraper along flyovers - areal view from Business Bay, Dubai
Manoj Attingal / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: JC1EFK
At a cost of AED 2.7 billion, the much-anticipated project is an impressive undertaking, involving an infrastructure overhaul of one of Dubai’s busiest areas. But in just three years since the project’s launch, this major milestone has been reached. The Canal itself is a sight to behold. The 3.2km extension ranges 80 to 120m in width and cuts through Dubai’s main artery, the Sheikh Zayed Road, across Safa Park and into the residential Jumeirah district, connecting with the Arabian Gulf. This adds 6.4km of waterfront to the emirate and creates 80,000 sqm for public space and facilities, plus a 3km running track and 12km cycling path. There is also a mechanical waterfall, where the Canal meets the Sheikh Zayed Road bridge. This motion-operated water wonder pumps water through the bridge in a constant flow, visible from the promenade, and can be switched off when a sensor detects a boat nearby. Five pedestrian bridges are also available, three across the Canal, allowing visitors to cross at key points, take in the stunning vistas and observe the passage of water vessels below.
Location: Business Bay - Dubai - United Arab Emirates