Sir Loring Nigel, the constable of Twynham Castle, defends England's honor at the jousting lists.

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Ivy Close Images / Alamy Stock Photo
This illustration is by American artist and illustrator N.C. Wyeth and accompanied Scottish writer Arthur Conan Doyle's historical adventure titled "The White Company," whose action was set during the Hundred Years' War. The main three members of the White Company in the book: John Hordle, Samkin Aylward, and Alleyyne Edricson (he became squire to Loring before going to France to join the White Company, a band of archers). In this illustration dating to 1922 Sir Nigel defends England's honor at the jousting lists. Sir Loring Nigel was a knight who was admired lords and soldiers on both sides of the English Channel. He is the constable of Twynham Castle.