Setsubun Festival,Yoyogihachiman shrine,Shibuya-Ku,Tokyo,Japan

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Setsubun Festival,Yoyogihachiman shrine,Shibuya-Ku,Tokyo,Japan
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Setsubun Festival,Yoyogihachiman shrine,Shibuya-Ku,Tokyo,Japan. In Japan,February third is Setsubun Festival. Setsubun means "seasonal division". So, winter ends and spring begins along to calender. Generally,Setsubun is bean throwing ceremony in individual family. It is held to go away evils. People throw dried soy beans to Oni(means Japanese evil). During throwing beans,people chant "Oni wa soto""huku wa uchi"means "Go away Evils""Come on happiness". Large temples and shrines holds rice cake throwing ceremony in Setsubun . People enjoy catching rice cakes. From children to senior people,all generation enjoy it.
Location: Yoyogihachiman shrine,Shibuya-Ku,Tokyo,Japan
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