Scottish bottlenose dolphins photograph taken off the beach on the Moray Firth

- Image ID: CYD3NJ
Ian Kenny / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: CYD3NJ
The Scottish bottlenose dolphins are considerably larger than their cousins living in the warmer waters off Florida, USA. These dolphins can be between 3 and 4 metres in length and are normally to be seen in pods (groups) of up to ten animals. Pods can form to make much larger groups at times. Bottlenose dolphins are grey in colouring, with a pale, almost white underside, however the colours of individuals vary. The upper body from dark grey to grey brown and the underside from light grey to white. The lower jaw is distinctive as it extends out further than the upper jaw. This active and playful cetacean can be seen jumping up out of the water (breaching) and swimming at up to 20mph when hunting. They eat fish, such as atlantic salmon.
Location: chananory point the Scottish highlands