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Emporos Therma are situated under the steep hill, approximately 5-10 minutes walking from the busstop (in Emporos Therma). If you expect this would be a lonely and romantic place, you are wrong. There are usually many people there and you don't have any privacy. Despite this fact I have to say that it's wonderful place. The beach is coverded with small dark stones. And the place with the spring water is sorrounded with big stones. Water is quite shallow and you can sit there and enjoy the day. What's more there are leaking bubbles from the ground, it's kind of a natural whirpool. Be careful because the water is 60 degrees hot (mainly on the place where the spring leaks). As for the transportation there, some people use bike but I think it's not the best solution (as I mentioned that there is a hill). I took a bus and it was quite comfortable but if you want to enjoy an evening trip that is the best because it's not so hot, you should hire a car or a scooter.

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