Rhynchospora alba - Rhynchospora fusca

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Rhynchospora alba - Rhynchospora fusca Stock Photo
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Rhynchospora alba - Rhynchospora fusca
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Image ID: CX95H1
Rhynchospora alba - Rhynchospora fusca - old Names, Family Cyperaceae, 1. Rhynchospora alba (L.) Vahl, 2. Rhynchospora fusca (L.) W. T. Aiton, 1. also white beak sedge, white beak-rush, 1. Rhynchospora alba, Synonyms, Rhynchospora luquillensis Britt., Rhynchospora alba, the white beak-sedge, is a plant in the sedge family, Cyperaceae. It, is a tufted herbaceous perennial plant found in fairly acidic wetlands which have few plant nutrients., other Syn., Schoenus albus L. (basionym), Rhynchospora, Beak-rush or Beak-sedge, genus of about 250-300 species of sedges with a cosmopolitan distribution. The genus includes both annual and perennial species., 2. Rhynchospora fusca
Location: Germany

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