Red Eagle and Logan Glaciers, 2009

- Image ID: HRJA1R
Science History Images / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: HRJA1R
Second of 2 images for glacial retreat comparison. Although the 2009 photo location does not exactly match the historic photo station, a comparison of relative glacial coverage can still be made. Logan Glacier is in the foreground, while Red Eagle Glacier sits beneath the pyramidal peak that bears the same name. Climate change research in Glacier National Park, Montana entails many methods of documenting the landscape change, including the decline of the parks namesake glaciers. While less quantitative than other high-tech methods of recording glacial mass, depth, and rate of retreat, repeat photography has become a valuable tool for communicating effects of global warming. With evidence of worldwide glacial recession and modeled predictions that all of the parks glaciers will melt by the year 2030, USGS scientists have begun the task of documenting glacial decline through photography. The striking images created by pairing historic images with contemporary photos has given global warming a face and made climate change a relevant issue to viewers. The images are an effective visual means to help viewers understand that climate change contributes to the dynamic landscape changes so evident in Glacier National Park.