RM2B2955WPostage stamp. Great Britain. Queen Elizabeth II. Europa. Circus. The Equestrienne. 65p. 2002.
RMGD2J0Tmail, postage stamps, Great Britain, British postage stamps with the portrait of Queen Victoria, 1889 until 1899, Additional-Rights-Clearences-Not Available
RFH3RMTMA postage stamp printed in Great Britain, shows Portrait of Queen Elizabeth 2nd, 1980
RMBWNX46Queen Elizabeth II postage stamp UK Engraving UK Great Britain Europe England monarch monarchy reign royal
RFW80R5RGreat Britain Postage Stamp - Queen Elizabet II Coronation
RMBDHWXGPostage stamp Queen Victoria One Penny
RFWMXET7GREAT BRITAIN FLAG - Postage Stamp isolated on black background.
RMR77PX8Postage stamp from Great Britain in the Queen Elizabet II Coronation series issued in 1953
RMDJ2MWXQueen Elizabeth II postage stamp UK 1d & 4d definitive issue from book of stamps dated 1969
RMBT5HB4UNITED KINGDOM- CIRCA 1972: A stamp printed in Great Britain shows Queen Elizabeth II and Duke of Edinburgh,
RF2GGPWYYQueen ELisabeth II with horses on postage stamp
RMB6FERGQueen Victoria of the UK (1837-1901), postage stamp, Natal
RMB10A4PUsed 1993 Great Britain £10 Britannia 'high value' stamp - first British stamp with embossed Braille markings.