portrait of a Bedouin male in Egypt

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portrait of a Bedouin male in Egypt
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Image ID: B89BMH
Egypt ( /ˈiːdʒɪpt/ (help·info); Arabic: مصر‎, Miṣr or Máṣr ( /masˤɾ/ (help·info)); Coptic: ⲭⲏⲙⲓ, kīmi ) is a country mainly in North Africa, with the Sinai Peninsula forming a land bridge in Western Asia. Covering an area of about 1,010,000 square kilometers (390,000 sq mi), Egypt borders the Mediterranean Sea to the north, the Gaza Strip and Israel to the northeast, the Red Sea to the east, Sudan to the south and Libya to the west. Egypt is one of the most populous countries in Africa and the Middle East. The great majority of its estimated 76 million[1] live near the banks of the Nile River, in an area of about 40,000 square kilometers (15,000 sq mi), where the only arable agricultural land is found. The large areas of the Sahara Desert are sparsely inhabited. About half of Egypt's residents live in urban areas, with the majority spread across the densely-populated centres of greater Cairo, Alexandria and other major cities in the Nile Delta.
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