Paris, France - "Pere Lachaise" Cemetery, Couple Walking on "Cobbled Stone" Street

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Pere Lachaise / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: BF1JC8
Paris, France - "Pere Lachaise" Cemetery, Couple Walking on Cobbled Stone Street "One doesn't usually associate a cemetery with a "romantic stroll"-- but a visit to Pere-Lachaise begs exactly that. Tucked away in a corner of northeastern Paris, the cemetery is affectionately called la cite des morts-- the "city of the dead"-- by Parisians. With its rolling hills, thousands of trees, winding paths with carefully plotted "street" names, and elaborate sepulchers and tombs, it's easy to see why Pere-Lachaise is considered Paris' most hauntingly beautiful place of rest. And countless great figures have their resting place here, including Chopin, Proust, Colette, or Jim Morrison. A true Paris must-see." (Courtney Traube,
Location: Paris, France - Pere Lachaise Cemetery,