Overall exterior view at dusk. Katsutadai House, Chiba, Japan. Architect: Yuko Nagayama and Associates, 2015.

- Image ID: EY85GT
Edmund Sumner-VIEW / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: EY85GT
A dwelling with shop at Katsutadai, Chiba prefecture, Japan. The outer part of 1st floor is a patisserie and the inner part is a cuisine, 2nd and 3rd floor is a dwelling for a family of four. This house has an aerial wedge between 1st and 3rd floor, so that the upper part of the dwelling looks like it is floating above the patisserie. This aerial wedge changes its character during different times of the day - during the daytime it will be a light-well for the patisserie, during the nighttime the light leaking from this aperture looks like a treasure box has been opened. The patisserie volume has a transparent glass roof.