Norway, Nordland, Lofoten Islands, Town of Svolvaer

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Gavin Hellier / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID : B3C28T
The nickname of Venice of the North is a bit much but that shouldn t obscure the fact that this is the liveliest and most artistic of Lofoten villages Lying 20km southwest of Svolvaer this is the largest fishing village in the Lofoten Every structure has an exterior of its own as the village was built without any professional architects The Lofoten archipelago lies to the north of the Arctic Circle off the west coast of Norway separated from the mainland by Vestfjord From a distance the islands look wild and inhospitable a wall of mountains rising out of the sea but they have been settled since the Stone Age the inhabitants relying on fishing and agriculture as they still do today The islands rise majestically from the sea to a height of almost 1 000 meters The mountains are separated by swathes of green and the water s edge is fringed with white sandy beaches The water is green and clear and the views are awe inspiring The area around Lofotodden Point is characterized by a narrow coastline steep mountain formations and the strong tidal currents that flow between the islands The sea and the Ice Ages have formed deep fjords craggy peaks and a number of coastal caves In winter everything seems so much more wild and untamed with the sea pounding the shores and the Northern Lights illuminating the night skies
Location: Norway, Nordland, Lofoten Islands, Svolvaer