New Electrostar units No. 387131 and 387132 sit in London Paddington on 2nd September 2016 on display.

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Luke Deaves / Alamy Stock Photo
New Electrostar units to the Western Region sit in London Paddington on 2nd September 2016 on display to the public. GWR staff working at Paddington on this day were encouraged to go and see the new units. On display were No. 387131 and 387132. Having first entered service in 2014, Electrostar Class 387s have been used on the Thameslink, Great Northern, Gatwick Express and c2c networks before an order was placed for an initial 8 units to run peak time services in and out of London on the GWR network. These new units will be replacing all mainline services between London and Reading, which are currently run by Thames Turbo (Class 165 and 166) units, as part of the GWR mainline electrification program.
Location: London Paddington, London, England, UK