mule trekking on the Piano Grande near Castelluccio in the Sibillini National Park,Le Marche,the Marches,Umbria,Italy

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NORMA JOSEPH / Alamy Stock Photo
Situated at 1,452 metres,The Piano Grande is a huge karstic basin( 6.5 kms X 3kms) that was once a glacial lake.Overlooked by the tiny hilltown of Castelluccio, It is completely surrounded by the dark, craggy peaks and the barren slopes of the Sibillini Mountains,(leading from Umbria into Le Marche ) but the scenery here is spectacular.In June each year the plain explodes into colour with the Fiorita or technicolour display of wildflowers which covers the entire area, It is virtually inaccessible during winter, but the finest and best lentils in Italy are grown here---tiny green lentils that are so tender they need no soaking before cooking.The piano Grande is extremely polular with botanists,walkers,hikers,cyclists,mule and horse treks,photographers,hang gliders and with family outings and picnics
Location: Piano Grande,Le Marche,Marches,Umbria,Italy,Italia,Europe,EU