Monks praying in Shankh monastery (khiid), Mongolia

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Monks praying in Shankh monastery (khiid), Mongolia Stock Photo
Monks praying in Shankh monastery (khiid), Mongolia
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Image ID: C994XJ
Shankh Khiid, once known as the West Monastery, is the only one of the region's monasteries other than Erdene Zuu to have survived. Shankh was renowned because of its connections with the great Zanabazar and is said to have once housed Chinggis Khaan's black military banner. At one time the monastery housed over 1500 monks. As elsewhere, the monastery was closed in 1937, temples were burnt and many monks were shipped off to Siberia. During the years of repression, five monks secretly kept the monastery alive in a local ger at great risk to themselves. One of these monks reopened the monastery in 1990. It is currently trying to raise funds to build a stupa in his honour. Of the three main buildings only the central main temple has been restored.
Location: Övörkhangai Aimag, Mongolia