Modern sculptures by Igor Mitoraj on show at the ancient site of Pompeii near Naples Italy

- Image ID: H6HGM2
Christopher Richards / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: H6HGM2
The upcoming exhibition at Pompeii will include thirty of Igor Mitoraj’s most imposing bronze sculptures, a reflection of the significance of their surrounding environment. The grand statue of Daedulus will stand amongst the sacred Temple of Venus, whilst the figure of Ikaria, imagined by Mitoraj as the sister of Icarus and Daedulas, will be placed within the Temple of Isis. Such strategic placement of the sculptures are the result of the artistic direction of Luca Pizzi, who worked with Mitoraj as his assistant on the creation of his works for 20 years, before the artist’s passing in 2014. To have his works shown in the archaeological ruins of Pompeii was a great ambition of Mitoraj’s and ContiniArtUK is delighted to see that his work is continuing to be honoured with such a culturally significant event – a true testament to Igor Mitoraj’s artistic legacy.
Location: Pompeii Campagna Region Italy