Modern and well-preserved place of the old Beijing style-ShiChahai ( also called HouHai)

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Image ID: CNW47Y
Shichahai is located in the center of Beijing, is the the most well-preserved place of the old Beijing style , surrounded by the palace and gardens, is the original old Beijing main business district. Relying on the six lake, the weeping willow water lotus, Shichahai became the distinctive natural landscape. The Yuan Dynasty was based on the waters east of the capital construction in determination of the axis, Shichahai was become the yuan, Ming, Qing three generation of city planning and water core. After hundreds of years of development, the Shichahai has accumulated to a kinsman of the emperor, the literati under to common people's deep strata culture. Here the Hutong and courtyard formed the custom of old Beijing culture, formed the history of old Beijing.
Location: ShiChaHai, Beijing,China

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