Member of a German SWAT Team

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Member of a German SWAT Team
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22.08.2005, Berlin, Germany - Member of a German SWAT Team. (Germany, German, Europe, European, human, man, kneeling, kneel, aiming, target, police, policeman, SWAT, Special Weapons And Tactics, weapon, weaponry, armament, arms, gun, automatic gun, pistol, automatic pistol, P7, Heckler And Koch, firearm, fire arm, service weapon, protective clothing, bulletproof, bullet-proof, bulletproof vest, bulletproof waistcoat, bullet-proof vest, bullet-proof waistcoat, mask, masked, loaded, militaristic, militarism, armed forces, police intervention, hostage taking, freeing of hostages, rescue, freeing, free, training, train, armed, terrorism, terrorists, anti-terrorism, countering terrorism, counter-terrorism, counter terrorism, taskforce, counter-terrorism taskforce, counter terrorism taskforce, war, conflict, battle, combat, raid, aggression, threat, danger, violence, fear, safety, security, protection, defense, defence, defensive, disarming, disarm, demobilisation, demobilization, personal protection, personal security, Department of Defense, Ministry of Defence, symbol, symbolic, symbolical, vertical) 0SH050822D005CAROEX.JPG
Location: Berlin, Berlin, Germany