Meier's fountain, San Rocco, Rome

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Lautaro / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: D2YHPY
Rome, Italy. Background left: New shell encasing the Ara Pacis Augustae built in 2006 on design by Richard Meier in substitution of the original shell built on design by Vittorio Ballio Morpurgo in 1938 (actually only a very simplified version of the original one designed by Morpurgo was realized). The new shell, which is much bigger than the old one and hosts a museum in the lower basement, was built in order to better preserve the Ara Pacis from vibrations, pollution and variations of heat and humidity caused by the Lungotevere and the many visitors (and does so by means of a powerful hidden air conditioning system). This picture shows the face toward via Tomacelli. According to the original project the traffic on the Lungotevere should have been channeled to a tunnel and the space in front of the building should have been a garden sloping down toward the river Tiber. The tunnel was not realized and Meier built a long travertine wall (partially visible) to isolate via di Ripetta and the new Meier's fountain from the noisy and polluted Lungotevere. The church on the right is San Rocco. NO RELEASE.
Location: Rome Roma Italy historical centre center centro storico

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