Mayor Hall, Municipal House, Obecní dům, Prague, Czech Republic

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Mayor Hall, Municipal House, Obecní dům, Prague, Czech Republic
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Image ID: BK7MWB
The Municipal House (in Czech, Obecní dům) is a major civic landmark and social and cultural center and concert hall in Prague, and an important building in architectural and political history in the Czech Republic. It stands on the Náměstí Republiky. Around 1900, the building was commissioned by the city on an odd-shaped lot and the subject of one architectural competition, then another, both unsatisfactory. The job was then simply given to architects Osvald Polívka and Antonín Balšánek and Josef Chochol, who served as much as artistic coordinators as designers. Construction started in 1905 and it opened in 1912. The Art Nouveau structure is an artifact of the Czech nationalism of the time and carries a wealth of ornament by some of the leading Czech artists of its day. The MAYOR HALL contains Alphonse Mucha's paintings. The ceiling fresco "Slavic Concorde" with an eagle in the centre is "carried" by eight pendentives on which human virtues are shown, personified by Czech historical characters : Faithfulness - J. A. Komensky, Strength - Vojtech of Pernstejn, Vigilance - the Chods, Intractibility - Jan Rohac of Duba, Independence - Jirí of Podebrady, Justice - Jan Hus, Maternal Wisdom - Eliska of Premyslides, Militancy - Jan Zizka. The three wall frescos were inspired by the texts : "Saint Mother of Nation, accept the love and enthusiasm of your sons !" "Humiliated and tortured you are but you shall be revived, my country !" "With strength towards freedom, with love towards concorde". According to Mucha's design doorway curtains were sewn by the students of the City Industrial Continuing School. The curtains have been preserved and renovated. Window panes were designed by A. Mucha and installed by V. Stanek and J. Sebek. Original furniture provided with an interesting silver finish was made by J. Krejcik. Indirect lighting of the hall space was arranged to meet the proposal of Mucha
Location: Náměstí Republiky.