RFEN46J3Illuminated face of the Earth in space. Detailed view of American continent. Elements of this image furnished by NASA
RM2AG1D0B. Soil physics and management. i Rocty ^ounrain ForestI Southern forestI Cent ml ForestI Foci fie Coast forest ?llfe^^-^- ^5k ?^H tJcrthern Fonsst rt SJ Sub-Trcfucal cina Tropical forest Fig. 63.—Map of Unit-ed States, showing timber and prairie areas. Unshaded area,Prairie. Dark shade in Northeast and North, Central forests. Lighter shaded area in South-east, Southern forests. Very lightly shaded area. Rooky Mountain forests. Deep shade.Pacific Coast forests. (Graves, U. S. D- A. Forest Service.1 part of the soluble salts, so that aJkali is found only in small areas,and then consists principa