Manzanares el Real Castle Castillo de Manzanares el Real Restored15th century Castle Madrid Spain España UE

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Manzanares el Real Castle Castillo de Manzanares el Real Restored15th century Castle Madrid Spain España UE
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Image ID: B64KJB
Castillo of Mendoza (new castle of Manzanares El Real) City, county Population: The Real Manzanares County: Madrid Community: Comunidad de Madrid Location: This castle as the castle and old town sit on the southern flank of the Pedriza. History: The lands of the Royal Manzanares from the fourteenth century passed into the hands of the family De la Cerda, who donated it to Don Diego Hurtado de Mendoza (1365-1404), Admiral of Castile, who was credited with building the first castillo.La construction of the second castle is done by the famous poet, the Marquis de Santillana. Description: Both castles have a very similar plant and the same direction. Are differentiated by size and the use to which they were intended. The castle fortress was old and the new destination is a palatial residence. The compound consists of a square with buckets in their circular angles. Topped with a terrace Matacanes and battlements. There are loopholes and embrasures as defensive elements. The compound is surrounded by a wall topped also battlements. The access door is framed by two buckets and finishes off in an arc lowered. Noteworthy is his tribute topped tower on a terrace of Matacanes and battlements. The decoration of the towers in the form of pellets, resembling the decoration Mozarabic of Muslim influence. Materials: Using the technique of Mudejar horizontal rows of brick that frame granite stones. This is called a mirror. Status: The new castle is administered by the Community of Madrid. Ownership and use: Still belongs to the Duke of Infantado, who was hired for a period of sixty years to the Community of Madrid. It is used as a tourist attraction, library, for the holding of conferences, cultural activities, etc.. Protection: It was declared a Historic-Artistic Monument in 1931. Under the protection of the Declaration of generic decree on April 22, 1949, and Law 16/1985 on the Spanish Historical Heritage. (source:
Location: Manzanares el Real, Madrid, Spain, España, Europe, Europa, UE