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Luderitz Peninsula,Diaz Point,Grosse Bucht, Namibia, SW Africa.

Luderitz Peninsula,Diaz Point,Grosse Bucht, Namibia, SW Africa. Stock Photo

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Point Diaz, Luderitz Peninsula, Namibia, SW Africa

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The frigid waters of the north-flowing Benguela current move from the western coast of South Africa, Namibia and Angola towards north and northwest up to the line where it joins the southern equatorial current which is already a warm current. Its waters are cold because there are very deep waters that were brought upward due to the rotation of Earth from west to east. This upward movement of deep waters are sometimes increased by planetary winds from east to west (southern Trade winds) which blow west from the Kalahari Desert towards the ocean. This wind creates a displacement of top ocean waters from the African coast to the west deviating to the northwest (to the left) because of the Coriolis Effect and this displacement causes deep waters to move upwards to replace coastal waters moving west.

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