Lord Nelson Tenacious JST Historic sailing Ship Poole Harbour Dorset, England, UK at dusk

- Image ID: D8HFE7
Tony Smith / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: D8HFE7
The JST takes both disabled and able-bodied men and women to sea, to not only teach them how to crew a tall ship, but to promote equality, sharing, and to celebrate our individual differences by working together to achieve greater things. Since the JST was established in 1978 over 36,000 people have sailed with us. Of these approximately 12,500 people were disabled and 4,500 wheelchair users. "A trip with the JST changes the lives of disabled people as they suddenly realise that, far from being unable to join in with everybody else, they can do everything. I’ve seen people come home from a voyage and seem five feet taller – the experience has completely changed the way they see themselves". Alan Titchmarsh, Vice Patron
Location: Poole harbour, Dorset, England, UK BH15 4AJ