Looking downwards in landside Departures area newly opened London Heathrow Airport's Terminal 5 building

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RichardBakerHeathrow / Alamy Stock Photo
After a 6 year construction project that saw the British public deeply divided over the role of commercial aviation and of its role in climate change, the £4.3bn Heathrow Terminal 5 was ready for solely British Airways passengers on 27th March 2008. The project was Britain's longest planning inquiry which lasted four years but finally employing a total of 60,000 workers. Construction started in 2002 with 9 million cubic metres of earth moved during construction; 30,000 square metres of glass in walls; 80,000 tonnes of steel were used - 17,000 in the roof alone; 5,000 doors, 800 toilets, 20,000 power sockets and 1,700 miles of cable; 60 new aircraft stands, including 14 for the Airbus A380; 13km of tunnels were ‘bored’ for the state-of-the-art baggage handling to handle 12,000 bags per hour and rail links. British Airways said the system would be so fast that passengers' bags will often be waiting for them by the time they have passed through border control. Unfortunately, the long-awaited opening proved a PR disaster when passenger baggage went missing for many weeks and only some were reunited with their possessions.
Location: Departures, Terminal 5, Heathrow Airport, London, England UK