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Long neck women in Thailand

Long neck women in Thailand Stock Photo

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ERIC LAFFORGUE / Alamy Stock Photo

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17 February 2010


North Thailand

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The long neck women are Burmese refugees. Five hundred Kayans live in Thailand. Around fourty thousands tourists comme to visit them each year. They have to pay ten euros to enter in the 3 long necks villages. A long neck woman earn 1500 b a month. They sell souvenirs and postcards. They wear the coils. Coils are made by men. They start to put the coils when they are children. They add a coil each year that passes. The neck is not stretched, the shoulders are pushed down, making the neck look  longer. It takes almost two hours to remove a coil from the neck. A fake legend says that if women fall they die by breaking their neck. Long neck women keep their coils during the sleep. To prevent their skin from sores, they cover it with leaves.Young generations wear a necklace to feel prettier but also to attract tourists.  One theory claims the rings were designed to deter attacks from tigers. Tigers grab victims by the neck. Another says they were meant to lessen the women’s beauty to ward off men from rival tribes.

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