RMFXKX27London, UK. 16th April, 2016. Evening sunset over London city Credit: Guy Corbishley/Alamy Live News
RMFXKX3CLondon, UK 16th April 2016 - Cameron Must Go National Demonstration, people have gathered to march from Euston Road to Trafalgar Square for Health, Home, Jobs and Education, opposing austerity, the Tory government and David Cameron Credit: Nathaniel Noir/Alamy Live News
RMFXKW1GLondon, UK. 16th April, 2016. Tens of thousands of people attend the Peoples Assembly demonstration, London. Credit: Andy Barton/Alamy Live News
RMFXM1FRLondon, UK. 16th April, 2016. An anti-austerity protester passes smartly dressed women queueing outside the National Portrait Gallery following the March for Health, Homes, Jobs and Education organised by the People’s Assembly. Credit: Mark Kerrison/Alamy Live News
RMFXKTMJLondon, UK. 16th April, 2016. Major Anti-Austerity Demonstration, backed by major trade unions, campaign organisations and individuals including Charlotte Church is being organised around the slogan 'Cameron Must Go - Tories Out!' and the 4 demands 'Health, from Gower Street to Trafalgar Square, Homes, Jobs and Education'., London, organised by The People’s Assembly. Tens of thousands of people are protesting against Tory Government cuts. The demonstration, UK Credit: Francesca Moore/Alamy Live News
RFFXM018London, UK. 16th April, 2016. The march called 'End Austerity Now, Cameron Must Go'. Starting at Gower Street and Euston Road, the march finished at Trafalgar Square. The march is focussed on the British governments cuts to health, housing, Department for Work and Pensions and education budgets. Credit: Penelope Barritt/Alamy Live News
RMFXKW93London, UK. 16th April, 2016. Peoples Assembly Against Austerity demonstration against cuts for health, homes, jobs and education on Saturday April 16th in London, United Kingdom. Tens of thousands of people gathered to protest in a march through the capital protesting against the Conservative Party cuts. Almost 150 Councillors from across the country have signed a letter criticising the Government for funding cuts and and will be joining those marching in London. Credit: Michael Kemp/Alamy Live News
RMFXKWFELondon, UK. 16th April, 2016. Ahwazi Arabs demonstration in London in the eleventh anniversary of uprising in 2005 Credit: Aghil Maniavi/Alamy Live News
RMFXKNR4London, UK 16th April, 2016. Cake Show International at Alexandra Palace. Copyright Carol Moir/Alamy Live News.
RMFXM4A8London, UK. 16th April, 2016. Investec Women’s Hockey League Semi-Final, Surbiton vs Holcombe (2-0). Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre, London Credit: Grant Burton/Alamy Live News
RMFXKP2TSoho, London, UK. 16th April 2016. The annual Record Store Day, record collectors queue for special releases, cds and vinyl.
RMFXM04XO2 Academy Brixton, Brixton, London, UK, 16th April 2016, Tinie Tempah, Tinie Tempah on stage at O2 Academy Brixton, London. Credit: Richard Soans/Alamy Live News
RMFXKRYBLondon, UK. 16th April, 2016. Crowds cheer at speakers during a anti-austerity march in Trafalgar square. Credit: Thabo Jaiyesimi/Alamy Live News