Kylesku Harbour Unapool Sutherland Scottish Highlands UK

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Kylesku Harbour Unapool Sutherland Scottish Highlands UK
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Image ID: B4JDH6
The Sutherland name dates from the era of norse rule over much of the Highlands and Islands, especially in the north and west, which was perhaps at its zenith in the early 11th century The inland landscape is rugged and very little populated, being Scotland's 5th largest historic county, but with less population than a medium-size lowland Scottish town. It stretches from the Atlantic in the west, up to the Pentland Firth and across to the North Sea. The sea-coasts boast very high cliffs and deep ords in the east and north, ragged inlets on the west and sandy beaches in the north. As would be expected, much of the population is based in seaward towns, such as Helmsdale and Lochinver, which until very recently made much of their living from the rich fishing of the waters around the British Isles. The remote far north west point of the county, Cape Wrath is the most north westerly point in Great Britain. Much of the former county is poor relative to the rest of the United Kingdom with few job opportunities beyond government funded employment. There are no colleges or university presence in the former county either. Sutherland is perhaps best known for its saddest memory: The Highland Clearances: a long folk-memory of people driven out of their homes in the 18th century by poverty, starvation, desperate clan chiefs, ambitious sheep farmers and rich landowners. Sutherland suffered more than most parts of the Highlands, scattering people with the surname Mackay far and wide across the globe.
Location: Kylesku Harbour Unapool Sutherland Scottish Highlands UK