Inside Robins traditional Pie & Mash, Ilford Essex, Greater London, England panorama

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Tony Smith / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: H3FKFW
Robins Pie and Mash shop closes after more than 30 years serving Ilford. Robins Pie and Mash, Chapel Road, Ilford, which is being run by the fifth generation of a family, closed on Saturday. Owner June Robins said: “There is still demand for pie and mash but unfortunately this is not the case in Ilford any more. Customers seem to want a different type of food. “It was a very sad day when we closed. We first opened the branch over 30 years ago but things have become a lot more expensive, especially as we get all our meat from Scotland.” The company, which has recently started supplying frozen meals to the Asda supermarket chain, also has a number of other branches including one in High Street, Wanstead. Ms Robins added: “When we informed our customers we would be shutting they just kept asking why. “I don’t think pie and mash is dying out as we have a lot of demand in other areas including at weddings and football games, including West Ham United. “But times are changing and people seem to want universal food such as pizza and burgers. Pie and mash has a limited regional appeal.” Traditionally pie and mash dates back to the 19th century, when Dutch ships delivered live eels, which were used in pies, to Billingsgate Market. Customer, Paul Scott, of Sandhurst Drive, Goodmayes, added: “This is a great shame and customers aren’t happy about it especially as there will now be no more pie and mash shops in Ilford. Full article at
Location: 14 High St, Ilford, London, England, UK E11 2AJ