Information board outlining the foundation remains, with re-construction, Roman Bath House, Ribchester Roman Fort, Lancashire

- Image ID: EBY9TA
robert harrison / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: EBY9TA
Lancashire County Council Information Board outlining the building remains at the Roman Bath House, Ribchester. The board reads: 'Small pillars supported the main floor of the Bath-House and allowed hot air and steam to circulate. Steam would warp a timber floor, so the floors were made of waterproof concrete.' The circular structure in the shot is the remains of a medieval well. The square foundations in the foreground are the remains of the Tepidarium (warm room); Calderium (hot room) to left and Apodyterium (changing room) to right; Sudaterium (sweating room) and furnace rooms in the background. The original buildings would likely have had vaulted roofs.'