In this black and white image of the Hillsboro Lighthouse early morning sun from the east casts long shadows of light and gull.

- Image ID: H3ECHN
Judy Lovell-Janthina Images / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: H3ECHN
The Hillsboro Inlet Light was originally built in Detroit, Michigan. In 1906 it was disassembled, each part numbered, and then shipped more than 4,000 nautical miles down the Mississippi River to Florida to be reassembled at the Hilllsboro Inlet. It was painted its unique black and white color to differentiate it from other lighthouses in the area and was first illuminated in March, 1907. Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse continues to serve as an active navigational aid. Affectionately known as The Big Diamond, its second order bivalve Fresnel lens is visible 28 miles at sea, marking the northern approach to Miami.
Location: North side of Hillsboro Inlet, Florida, Broward, USA