Hurricane Isabel. This image was taken from the International Space Station on 13th September 2003.

- Image ID: B6DRJ8
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Image ID: B6DRJ8
andlt;strongandgt;Hurricane Isabel.andlt;/strongandgt; This image was taken fromthe International Space Station on 13th September2003. At this time, the hurricane had not madelandfall, and was classed as andlt;emandgt;category 5andlt;/emandgt;, thestrongest type of hurricane. At this stage, thewinds were gusting at over 250 kilometres perhour. Hurricanes are enormous rotating stormsystems that typically form in late summer. Theyare powered by evaporation from a warm seasurface, and weaken as they pass over land.Hurricane Isabel is one of the largest and mostpowerful hurricanes of recent years. It hit theeast coast of the USA on 18th September 2003.