Human Parainfluenza Type 4A Virus, TEM

- Image ID: HRJRBF
Science History Images / Alamy Stock Photo
Transmission electron microscopic (TEM) image revealed the presence of the human parainfluenza type 4A virus (HPIV-4A), which like the mumps virus, is also a Paramyxoviridae family member, and a member of the genus, Rubulavirus. The parainfluenze virus is the cause of a flu-like respiratory infection in humans, very similar to, but not as severe as the flu. Once seen by a physician, a diagnosis of parainfluenza requires treatment of the symptoms, without the requisite antibiotics, which will have no direct affect upon the virus. Symptoms can include mild flu-like symptoms such as a sore throat, cough, upper and/or lower respiratory tract illness, and bronchitis.