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Image ID: AFC3TD
VP 70672 Horst JANSON German actor during the shooting of the ARD production Unter Weissen Segeln Odyssee der Herzen In the back the sailing boat Starflyer actor actors Aegean Aegean Sea boat trip boat trips boot boots calm content contented cruise cruise liner cruise liners cruise ship cruise ships cruise vessel cruise vessels cruiser cruisers cruises culture Federal Republic of Germany friendly German Federal Republic Germany grave grim head photo head photos head picture head pictures head shot head shots head view head views horizontal horizontal format image kindly landscape format likeable Med media Mediterranean Mediterranean Sea passenger ship passenger ships photo photograph photographs photography photos portrait portrait photo portrait photos portrait shot portrait shots portraits sailing boat sailing boats sailing yacht sailing yachts serious severe ship ships solemn somber sombre Star Clippers Starflyer stern television telly The Aegean The Med thespian thespians TV vertical dimension vertical dimensions vessel ship vessels ship watching television watching tv