GWR liveried class 800 IET sits in Swindon station on a test run between London Paddington and Taunton on 16/06/2017.

- Image ID: JCR3MP
Luke Deaves / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: JCR3MP
Class 800 IET (Intercity Express Train) number 800004 "Sir Daniel Gooch" sits in the up mainline at Swindon station on 16/06/2017 during a test run from London Paddington to Taunton. 800003 & 800004 arrived coupled together as a 10 car train on both the 15th and 16th and split at Swindon to take separate routes to Taunton - one via Bristol Parkway and one via Bath).
Location: Swindon Station, Swindon, United Kingdom