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girl school children or girl students going to school in havana also known as habana,vieja habana,cuba,central america

girl school children or girl students going to school in havana also known as habana,vieja habana,cuba,central america Stock Photo

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4 April 2011

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School attendance is compulsory from ages 6 to 15 or 16 .The Cuban Revolution in 1959 brought numerous changes to the country, especially for women. Prior to the Revolution many women lived as housewives and for those who needed to work there were very few choices. Many women in rural areas worked in agriculture and for women in the city working as a maid or prostitute was the only choice. The Federation of Cuban Women was founded in August 1960 with a clear goal to involve all women in Cuban affairs. After years of being excluded, the women of Cuba began to play an active role in the government. The FMC wanted to see women involved with the social, political, economical and cultural issues Cuba faced.This required that schools and programs be built to provide multiple services to Cuban women. The Literacy Campaign was created to increase Cuba’s literacy rate and also to initiate communication between the country and city. Students and volunteers went to rural areas to teach other country men to read and provide information on current Cuban politics. Rural women received schooling and job training if they chose to receive it, which allowed them to work outside of agriculture. For women working as prostitutes in the cities the New Government created programs to reeducate them once prostitution became illegal in 1961. Separate but similar programs were created for maids, offering schooling and job training along with free daycare and housing, which allowed the women full opportunity to rebuild their lives. Healthcare was provided focusing on the mental health of Cuban women that had previously been oppressed in the work place.[13] Skills to rebuild confidence and pride were taught because the New Government believed that all women deserved dignity even those in the service industry. The Cuban Revolution brought about drastic change for women allowing them to become very active in their own country, which is what many in the revolution hoped for

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