Giant Vimto fruit drink bottle monument,Manchester University,England,UK

- Image ID: H4EGBM
Tony Smith / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: H4EGBM
At Granby Row, 2011, the grapes and raspberries have been restored with the grapes changing from red to green to reflect the ingredients of Vimto, while the blackcurrants have been replaced. A new wooded barrel has been constructed to replace the bottom of the Vimto bottle and new labels have been carved and painted. The monument was first carved by Kerry Morrison and installed in Granby Row in 1992. Granby Row is the site of the factory where the first batch of Vimto was made by John Noel Nichols back in 1908. After 19 years of the Manchester weather and attention from city revellers, the monument was in need of a refresh and it has been brought back to its former glory by Nick Lumb at Acorn Furniture in Wrexham.
Location: Granby Row,Manchester,England,UK