'German Ocean' house, Shingle Street, Suffolk, UK.

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Clynt Garnham Suffolk / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: C4PJCM
Shingle Street is a small coastal hamlet in Suffolk, England, at the mouth of Orford Ness, situated between Orford and Bawdsey. This part of the coast is also known as Hollesley Bay and there is the HM Young Offender Institution, Hollesley Bay Colony nearby. Shingle Street was originally a home for fishermen and river pilots for the River Ore. Early in the 19th century a Martello tower was built, and was later home for coastguards. Many of the original buildings date from this period, also several buildings were destroyed during World War II, including the Lifeboat Inn, the hamlet's only pub. A report from October 2004 suggests that Shingle Street is at risk from the sea and could disappear within 20 years if sea defences are not erected
Location: Shingle Street, Suffolk, UK.