Genius brain

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BSIP SA / Alamy Stock Photo
At the top, an illustration of how a normal brain works. When we look at a landscape, it is a picture of light made up of dots of colour that go from our eyes to our brain. We don’t yet know what it represents. Information is treated in the left hemisphere of the brain, which compares the motifs seen with objects already in the brain, stored there over a lifetime. It isolates objects in the landscape and labels them : this large, green shape is a tree, the two lines that cross are the top of a bell tower and the horizon etc. This analysed image arrives in our consciousness and that is how we know what we see. At the bottom, illustration of how a genius brain works. If the left hemisphere doesn’t do its job, the work of labeling will take longer, or won’t happen at all. What arrives in our consciousness is therefore an image that has been interpreted by other, less clichיd brain circuits : it could only be seen in terms of light intensity, or dots as in impressionist paintings, or in the form of vectors forming unexpected geometric shapes.. Either way, in an unusual and potentially ingenious way.
Location: France