RFHMXWJNCattle grazing in a lush green field in the daytime
RF2F9KF4Ygroup of cows t veal looking to camera curiously in a meadow
RM2C688J6Friesian cows grazing in pasture, Normandy, France
RMACEGD5Friesian Holstein dairy cows grazing on Devon pasture in summer
RMANDXKAFriesian cows grazing in a field the Cotswolds England United Kingdom
RMA6P3NCA Holstein Friesian dairy cow grazing in a herd on good pasture Devon
RMCX402EHolstein cows grazing in a grassy farm pasture with red barn and silo in summer Vaughan Ontario
RMKYRXW4The Netherlands, De Heeg. Cows in polder.
RMABH8F5Holstein Friesian dairy cows grazing on pasture in fine Summer day in Devon
RMDWKR76friesian cows grazing near Kendal in Cumbria, England, UK
RMA6PBW6Holstein Friesian dairy herd on new grass pasture in spring
RFGH75G0Friesian landscape with cattle in Friesland, The Netherlands.